Tracking is the road map to your success – do you know where you’re going?

Results. It’s always about results and it always has been – so why haven’t you been tracking your marketing campaigns?

Measurement is often one of the biggest challenges for a business, specifically in regards to marketing campaigns. It always seems too objective, too out of reach, too out of scope – but it’s not. We can show you how.

At Vacsolution Agency, we’re focused on results. Not just in regards to delivering on our promises of exceptional service and expertise in digital marketing, but when it comes to helping you track and report the results of your campaigns.

If you’re not sure where to start with tracking, or if you’re doing some monitoring already but aren’t sure if it’s effective, let us know. Our certified professionals are here to help. And hey, we’re pretty cool people to work with, too.

Our team is well-equipped to help you develop campaign tracking for:

  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Social PPC ( Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Display advertising
  • Affiliate marketing

…and more. Depending on your unique needs as a business, we’ll work with you on determining what metrics make sense to monitor and from there, can implement analytics or tracking strategies to give you the feedback you need.

We spread this process into three phases:

  1. Understanding Business and its Goals:

We start out by getting to know your business and developing a plan that specifies your goals and what tactics may work best to achieve those goals.

  1. Identifying the Right Tracking options:

Next, we’ll determine what analytics or tracking options are available to monitor those campaigns and select the ones that make the most sense, from Facebook Insights or conversion tracking script to Google Analytics or UTM tagging (there are many options available, and we’ll explore them all).

  1. Implementation of Tracking:

Then, we launch your campaign, working with you to either provide consulting or hands-on management, all the while ensuring that tracking is occurring properly.

Our team will put into place quality assurance testing to ensure your campaign tracking data is accurate and being collected. As time goes on, we’ll continue to monitor the data and provide support for your reporting – a completely custom solution designed specifically for your campaigns, your audience, and your business. It doesn’t get better than this.

What do you get with Vacsolution Campaign tracking service?

Types of campaign tracking that would be implemented for your digital marketing campaigns include, but are not limited to:

  • Manual UTM campaign tagging on URLs
  • Adwords conversion tracking code
  • Bing conversion tracking code
  • Facebook conversion tracking code
  • Adwords remarketing code
  • Bing remarketing code

With the right data, you can invest in the areas where your business needs the most help, or you can adjust your budget in areas where you’re not seeing the best return. With campaign tracking solutions and guidance from Vacsolution Agency, it’s easier than ever to make the tough decisions when it comes down to your marketing.

Make the right turn for your business.



Here are some testimonial of our happy Customers!
  • Did everything we needed professional in doing so.

    Thanh Ho, Owner of VaporXpress LLC.
  • I was Mr. Ali and VAC Solution’s first client. He was an unknown at the time, but in applying for the job, he was detailed and conscientious. He paid attention to what I wrote and made sure he understood what I was looking for. Normally I wouldn’t give someone without good ratings/experience on Odesk a chance, but I made an exception for Mr. Ali. I’m glad I did. Mr. Ali really follows through. I incorporated the company he was doing the accounting for, and he helped with the transition. I also formed a separate corporation for a second business. I’m hiring VAC Solutions (again) for both businesses.

    Burton Kent, Founder People’s Community Acupuncture.
  • Sheikh is wonderfully conscientious. I hired him as a bookkeeper, but he served as my accountant. He set me up in Xero accounting and dealt with all my confusing account categories. He’s used to a much finer grain of detail that’s required by large companies. I was only worried about general breakdown into expenses and income for tax purposes, but he explained why I might want more detail with only a little more effort. I’m going to be using him again.

    Melynda Mayne, Managing Director Webcare Pty Ltd.