100K Emails Blast



100k Email Submissions in Months
Initial setup free.
Unlimited email lists.
Unlimited segmentation.
Unlimited campaigns.
Campaign reporting.
SPAM free delivery.
4 Email Template Provided by us.
Email List Validation.
Google Analytics Tagging.
Auto Responder.

Process: (100K Emails Blast)

  • Once the customer made the order the email list file can be uploaded to the customer portal or alternatively can be emailed to us at info@vacsolution.com
  • Our IT Technician will contact you for the necessary setting within 12 to 48 hours from the time of purchase made.
  • Our IT Technician will do the domain and email verification. The IT technician will remotely complete its working. The back-end access of the domain is needed in this connection.  Normally it’s a c-panel but it can be changed according to your host.
  • Once we complete the verification process. You are all set for the email blast.
  • As your email list are not validated/authenticated/verified by us. We took random 1k email address and sent them first. If the bounce rate is above 4 % we will not process the list and inform you the same via email that to validate them the same.
  • When the list is received again the same process will apply except for the IT Technicians steps.