50K Email Validation



Syntax Checking.
Domain checking.
Manual verification by sending the email.
Delivery in 7 days.

Process (50k email validation)

  • Once the customer made the order the email list file can be uploaded to the customer portal or alternatively can be emailed to us at info@vacsolution.com
  • The email list will be provided to us in the EXCEL/CSV format by the customer.
  • We will do the 50k email validation and provide the verified emails back to the customers either in EXCEL/CSV as requested by the customer.
  • All the emails are validated/authenticated by sending them manually. Lead time is  of 7 days to validate the email.
  • After the completion of the specified period. The email will be sent to the registered  customer address provided at the time of the purchase is made.
  • The customer can also request for the updated  the list in the middle of the Lead time-frame as well, We will provide the list to the customer completed up to that date. For this type of request the lead time will be of 1 day from the date of the request.