The following terms and conditions (collectively, the “Terms of Service”) is a legal agreement between you and VAC that states the terms that govern your access to and use of the Web Site.

The following form part of the Virtual Accountants & Consultants terms of services and apply specifically to refund requests. Any such communications relating to the repayment of monies paid shall be dealt with in accordance with our refund policy.
Customers should address all refund requests to and should include all of the details stipulated below.

A clear and sufficiently detailed reasoning why a refund is being requested is unnecessary so that Virtual Accountants & Consultants can evaluate the claim and deal with them quickly and in accordance with the stated terms of sale. The date and times (if available) that the purchase was made together with a description and invoice number of the item purchased.
Virtual Accountants & Consultants shall consider the request and where reasonable grounds exist will return the monies to the same source from which they were originally taken.

A deduction shall be made for our reasonable expenses in addressing the matter and this amount shall not be less than $ 35 per request. Any additional amounts to cover bank or transactions charges, administrative time and other expenses may also be deducted from the amount returned. Such deductions will be at the discretion of Virtual Accountants & Consultants.

Once an order has been placed with us, Virtual Accountants & Consultants reserve the right to refund all monies (without deductions) where it is not reasonably possible to satisfy a given order within the time stipulated or expected.

Customer’s statutory rights remain unaffected to this refund policy and the Legal system of Pakistan shall have sole jurisdiction in any matters of dispute.

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